Banks are gold mines only in Q3

The title may surprise you, but you can’t ignore the statistics.
Every sector shows its strength depending on  the economy, government policies and supply/demand.

Here is my observation on Banking sector:
From 2003 to 2010, Banking sector  has been doing well in Q3 except 2002.
Using 2003-2010  NSE-Bankex data
Average return in Q3: 21%
Minimum return in Q3: 9.4% (2004)
Maximum return in Q3: 43%  (2006)
Number of -ve return in Q3: 0

Series of Q3 return is  all positive values.

Bankex Index  series  from July to September (Assuming 1st value of the July month as 1)

Bankex return for Q3:

Year 2003-Q3 2004-Q3 2005-Q3 2006-Q3 2007-Q3 2008-Q3 2009-Q3 2010-Q3
Return(%) 17.94% 9.44% 25.64% 43.24% 16.61% 17.03% 13.89% 31.26%

 Note: 2002 Q3 return of Bankex was negative (-6% ).