Revisiting Stochastic

I am expecting a long gap from JOB and nothing can be better for me to learn and apply. I am planning to learn, revisit and clarify my mathematical concepts starting with elementary stochastic process.

*I really don’t have relevant back ground to give expert advice. This article is purely for my own learning. I will appreciate, if you can provide me with relevant tutorial or  you notify any error here*

long list of lecture notes:
Some advance level:
Eoc phd notes:

Very good book for undergrad engineering math and stats (Particularly great companion with John Hull’s OFD) : Brownian Motion Calculus
or Any elementary stochastic process book [ Ross, Lefebvre ]

Random Walk
Basic stochastic simulation
Poisson  Process
Gambler Ruin
Markov Chain/Process
Lévy process
Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process
Cox–Ingersoll–Ross model

I will post relevant resources and sample code in R/Matlab for each section.