Overview of Indian Quant Mutual Funds

In a quant (quantitative) fund, an investor manager employs computer-based numeric and mathematical
model to select securities. The computer-model determines buy or sell decision for the fund managers,
avoiding human intervention. Quantitative model for investment has become widespread with the advent
of modern computers and Internet connectivity. The use of complex theories of mathematics to physics in
the model puzzle investors even the most sophisticated ones.
The use of quant-based investment is gaining popularity in Indian fund houses. Many
renowned proprietary trading firms and hedge funds, which use ruled-based scientific methods to exploit
investment opportunities, have entered Indian market. Few mutual funds have quant-based investment
schemes for their investors. However, these mutual funds are not using purely mathematical model.
Instead, they are using a middle ground where the fund manager will use human judgment in addition to a
quantitative model.

There are eight quant based funds in India.
Mutual Funds
Reliance Quant plus
Religare AGILE
Canara Robeco Large Cap Plus
Edelweiss Absolute Return
Religare AGILE tax
Motilal Oswal MOSt Shares M50 ETF
Motilal Oswal MoSt Shares Midcap 100 ETF
Motilal Oswal MoSt Shares NASDAQ-100 ET